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Destiny Update Coming Tuesday, No Expansion News Yet

Ever since Bungie released the ARG (alternate reality game) along with the big April update, people have been dissecting it for news related to the game’s next expansion. Reddit user Reyzl Azzir seemed to have cracked it and said that the expansion would be coming out on September 20, but Bungie only offered news on Destiny update and debunked the rumors.

According to them, you shouldn’t believe anything until you can read it (in this case on Bungie’s website.)

Destiny update will be releasing this Tuesday, May 3, and while we don’t have the patch notes about the update yet, what we do know is that Bungie has made a few adjustments to the melee system in order to prevent less whiffing during a fistfight, or the recipient of a punch not taking any damage from it.

The new melee code will be uploaded on May 10, after Bungie has had time to monitor how stable the new update is over the weekend. This is so that if anything catastrophic occurs, Bungie will be able to roll the game back in order to fix it.

The update to the melee code will likely be a boon for players of melee-focused classes such as Striker Titans or Bladedancer Hunters, both of whom make use of melee heavily both to use their supers (though how you can outrun a knife made of lightning or a huge lightning bolt that hits everything in a ten-foot radius would be a mystery) and do general melee skills.

In the meantime, until Bungie actually puts something up on their website, any news of a new expansion to Destiny is just hot air, and so far we have less information about it than we do about the Collapse. And with new updates coming out as fast as Bungie can make them, at least we won’t have to worry about content for a while.