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Art from New Sony Game Looks Amazing; Cowboys, Wild West, Could be VR

Sony apparently had or has a new wild west themed game in development. Artists Ioan Dumitrescu posted pieces of gorgeous art that he says is from an undisclosed new Sony game.

It looks like a shooter check out its art below.

Ioan Dumitrescu is a freelance concept artist and some of other art he posted is for a VR game for Sony so it is possible that this western themed game is also for PlayStation VR.

PlayStation VR already has over 100 developers working for it but sadly we don’t know which developer this game belongs to. We know Sony London is working on a VR game, Hideo Kojima took a look at it during his technology tour.

If it is a VR game then it definitely something to be excited for. Visiting the Wild West in VR seems like a great idea and would certainly make PSVR’s library more enticing.

The art is spectacular, isn’t it?

Sony will reveal a number of games at E3 and surely PSVR is going to be a main focus. The device is coming out in October for $399 and will run exclusively with PlayStation 4.

Look for more details on PlayStation VR and its titles at E3.