Uncharted 4 Marketing Campaign is the Largest Software Investment by Sony

Uncharted 4 not only is the biggest release for PlayStation 4 this year but it is PlayStation’s largest ever software investment. Uncharted 4 marketing campaign and investment is the largest ever for a PlayStation game.

Sony is spending millions on digital and print media, TV adverts “innovative” in-store marketing where you’ll see Drake “swinging from a real rope.”

PlayStation’s “biggest ever array of innovative POS (point of sale)” is going to release on stores post Uncharted 4 launch.

uncharted 4 (1)

You can expect “pallets with Nathan swinging from a real rope; treasure chest cubes, stand out FSDUs (free standing display units), window vinyls and more”

Some would say Sony might be trying to make up for how badly it marketing Until Dawn but who cares? Uncharted 4 is going to be everywhere before and after its release. There are those who have stolen copies in transit and forced Sony to seek help from local authorities.

Hype for this game is insane and it may very well be one of the biggest PlayStation releases this gen.

After a couple of delays, Uncharted 4 will finally hit storefront on May 10. Amazon leaked copies early in the UK, which we think was due to its negligence to update its system after Uncharted 4’s April 27 delay. Reports are coming in from the Middle East as well where Uncharted 4 copies were spotted.

Sony and Naughty Dog have issued a warning, saying that fans should watch out for spoilers as many copies are already in the wild. We may see gameplay video, Twitch Streams etc that will spoil your game.

Also, once the game is out players will have to download a 5GB patch. Head over here for more details on that.

Source: MCV 876