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Rumor: Xbox one Upgraded Model Xbox One II Is In Production Since February 2016

Rumors about a new Xbox One upgraded model are running wild on the internet, and a picture has surfaced on NeoGaf which reveals that Xbox one upgraded  model  is being referred to as “Xbox One second generation” internally at Microsoft and the console has been in production since February 2016.

Xbox One Second Gen

While it is unlikely that Xbox One II will be the official name of the console if this console wants to be successful in the market. According to the image the upgraded Xbox One is slimmer.

Interestingly, it is rumored that the console is in production since February 2016, but another rumor suggests that work on the project started even before that.

The authenticity is in question and we will find out at E3 2016 when Microsoft will or will not reveal this console. Even if Microsoft does reveal a slim Xbox One, this image may not be related to it.

Larry Hyrb responded to a tweet about the rumor:

Dear Internet: Don’t bother wasting time and making connections where there are none.

Whether Larry Hyrb is referring to this specific rumor, is not known right now, but given that the tweet came shortly after NeoGaf posted the rumor we can assume that Larry Hryb is talking about Xbox one II rumor.

Earlier this month head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, spoke out and said that there is no upgraded Xbox one model planned.

Couple of weeks earlier a similar rumor emerged about PlayStation 4, that Sony is working on upgraded PS4 and it is codenamed NEO. The rumor suggested that Neo will offer improved hardware like better CPU clock speed, improved GPU with higher memory bandwidth and improved RAM.

What do you think of this rumor? Is Microsoft really working on a new Xbox? Let us know in the comments.