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Riot Teases New League of Legends Champion in Lore Post

Riot Games only added a new League of Legends champion two months ago in the form of the space dragon Aurelion Sol, but it appears that they’re already getting ready for the arrival of a new one, if the lore post talking about her is to be believed.

Riot posted a new short story onto its website today, entitled “The Bird and the Branch”, which tells the story of a young geomancer (that is, a mage that can control stone) named Taliyah. It would appear that the new League of Legends champion is from the resurrected desert empire of Shurima, the same nation that champions Azir, Rammus, Nasus, Xerath, and Renekton are from, opening up all kinds of new lore possibilities.

Considering that many of the champions that are from Shurima are high-ranking heroes, Taliyah will likely have a wide variety of interactions with them, which could be anything from amazing to sad, going by the backstories of the other Shurimans.

In the story Taliyah teams up with champion Nasuo, and I would guess that she’s on her way to Shurima and the League even as you read this article, and she might come with the big mid-season update that’s coming soon.

While there isn’t any concrete proof that Taliyah will appear in the League, the fact that she got her own short story along with a piece of artwork focusing on her and Nasuo heavily suggests that she will. We don’t even really know what Taliyah’s moveset will be, but considering in the short story she can barely control her powers it’s something that could be interesting to see.

The new League of Legends champion will be coming out at some point this year, if she does turn out to be one, but until then we’ll just have to wait and see how she does. You can read The Bird and the Branch here, on the League of Legends website.