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PlayStation Network Revenue Beats the Whole of Nintendo

Sony’s PlayStation Network is making more money than the whole of Nintendo. PlayStation Network generated 529,000bn yen, according to its Fiscal year ended March 31, 2016 results. Meanwhile, the whole of Nintendo could only manage 504,000bn yen.

Hardware, network and other revenues stood at 1,479,775 yen for Sony. There is no doubt that Playstation 4 and digital sales along with PS Plus memberships had a massive hand in Sony’s earnings and beating Nintendo.┬áPlayStation Network revenue and other details can be seen below.


Previously, Sony announced that PlayStation 4 has reached 34 million units sold and Sony didn’t share sales data publicly after that. Our assumption was that Sony would reach 40 Million around E3 but it looks it took them less time to reach this number.

PlayStation 4 sales are now 40 Million units and this massive install base contributes heavily to Sony’s revenues.

Nintendo on the other hand is suffering at the hands of Wii U and may need to cut support in the next year or so. The situation could go from bad to worse as soon as NX is revealed. Buyers interested in the Wii U would definitely want to hold on till NX which will further dent Wii U sales.

Nintendo’s financials revealed that NX is set for March 2017 release but will not appear at E3. Rumor has it that Nintendo will reveal its price, specs and launch line up sometime this year. Recent reports claim that NX is going to be marginally more powerful than PS4

Major Wii U exclusives including The Legend of Zelda have been moved to NX. However, for the time being Wii U versions aren’t cancelled.