Nilo Studios Announces PT-Style “Asemblance”

Nilo Studios, a studio founded by Bungie employee Niles Sankey, is going to be releasing its first game in a month on Playstation 4. This game, titled “Asemblance,” is a psychological thriller inspired by P.T. and other franchises like The Twilight Zone, The X-Files, Black Mirror, and The Stanley Parable.

Nilo Studios was founded just last year in Seattle, and has been working on Asemblance for much of that time. Asemblance is a first-person game where you’re trapped inside a machine that was built to simulate memories, as you try to piece together your own past.

The trailer, while at first seeming light and calm, quickly becomes sinister as the narration of an emotionally-detached-sounding computer talks over simulated scenes from your own memories about you, your old life, and your wife, ending with hallway lights highlighting a shadowy figure.

Piecing together your memories to find out where it all went wrong seems to be the plot of the game, as you select certain memories to live out important moments in your life, but it’s not called a thriller for nothing; there’s a chance that Asemblance is going to go into SOMA-like areas of psychological horror as it goes more into detail.

Even the title is relevant to the game’s subject matter, specifically in that it can also be read as “A semblance.”

In the dictionary, “Semblance” is defined as…

“the state of being somewhat like something but not truly or fully the same thing”

This fits in with the trailer’s narration, which asks you if you want to remember your old life…and if you’re sure that you want to remember.

Asemblance will be released on the Playstation 4 in May, and is yet another game that is being made in Unreal Engine 4, which has become synonymous with small or indy games that nevertheless want to look good. The trailer for the game is already on YouTube, and can be seen here.