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The Last Guardian Release is Still On for 2016

Usually, when we don’t hear much about a game for a few months we don’t really worry about it, however, when we don’t hear something regarding The Last Guardian for a few months it is something to pay attention to.

The Last Guardian has been in development for a long time. It was originally a PlayStation 3 exclusive but is now fully ported to PlayStation 4, axing its PS3 version.

The last we spoke about The Last Guardian was when some pieces of art were posted online and before that we saw it running on PS4 at E3 2015. Sony at the time announced that the game will release in 2016 but its been a while and we have been shown nothing; no new gameplay footage, screens, details etc.

Is the game going to make it this year? Or are we in for yet another delay? Well, it looks like it is still on for 2016. Philippe Cardon , Vice President Southern Europe, Sony Computer Entertainment, says that The Last Guardian is releasing 2016 and is one of the major titles to hit PlayStation 4 this year.

He also claimed that Sony’s software sales will improve while hardware sales will go through the roof. His claim and prediction/expectation is already coming true. Sony revealed its financial will showed the company managing 40 million PS4 units sold.

Sony’s PlayStation Network alone managed ┬áto earn more revenue than the whole of Nintendo.

The Last Guardian isn’t dated yet but we are expecting it sometime later this year exclusively on PlayStation 4.