Koei Tecmo Is One of the Devs Working on Nintendo NX

Koei Tecmo, the publisher behind Dead or Alive series is working an unannounced Nintendo NX game. No details are available for the time being but Koei Tecmo and it isn’t clear if this project is an NX exclusive to a multi platform game.

Nintendo NX is a console that is yet to be revealed but we are expecting details later this year. Nintendo announced that NX will release in March 2017. It is evident that many devs are already working on NX games if they some of them wish to release their games at launch.

Koei Tecmo’s title should be revealed sometime this year if it to be launch title.

Nintendo NX is going to be the successor to Wii U, a console that dented the company’s revenue and failed to make a true mark on the gaming industry. Many of its games rumored to be ported to NX including The Legend of Zelda which is now coming to the new machine as well.

Thankfully, Wii U version haven’t been cancelled.

We were hoping to hear more about NX at E3 but Nintendo won’t be there. This means that Nintendo may host its very own event to share its plans for NX, possibly during a Nintendo Direct Stream.

On a related note, PlayStation Network revenue beats the whole of Nintendo. Nintendo revenue stood at  504,000m yen compared to PSN’s 529,000m yen.