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Doom’s Highest Difficulty Has Permadeath, Not Even Id Software Has Beaten it Yet

You might be an expert in first-person shooters, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to cope with Doom’s highest difficulty.

The reboot of the highly popular Doom franchise is going well, with the beta going live just a couple of weeks ago. The beta only merely covered the game’s brutal and fresh multiplayer campaign, but we all know Doom has really always been about the intense in-your-face singleplayer shooting.

Executive producer Marty Stratton and creative director Hugo Martin told IGN that Doom’s highest difficulty is so hard, that not even the developers at Id Software have been able to beat the game on it.

The intense nature of Doom’s highest difficulty features brutal permadeath, meaning if you die even once, you have to restart from the very beginning of the game. Yikes.

The mode is called Ultra-Nightmare – one step ahead of the highly punishing Nightmare mode because of the permadeath twist. As a marker for how far you reached if and when you die in this mode, you’ll see a helmet at the place of your previous death, provided you can make it that far in your second (or one hundredth) try.

Stratton and Martin said that this notorious feature of Doom’s highest difficulty has sparked a sort of competition with the development offices, where the coworkers compete to progress further than their colleagues. Despite this challenge, no one has come close to beating the game at Doom’s highest difficulty.

Having said that, the overall difficulty of Nightmare and Ultra Nightmare, such as damage done to and by enemies and other factors, is largely the same. The only added twist is the permadeath. This way, players who have “mastered” the Nightmare difficulty should be able to cope with Doom’s highest difficulty, provided they are careful and play patiently.

The Doom reboot will be released on May 13 on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.