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The Division Revenue in March Was $109 Million From Digital Game Sales Alone!

The Division revenue in March has been far more than anyone expected, as the game has reportedly succeeded in making over $100 million through digital games sales alone last month.

The popular online MMO multiplayer third person shooter released generally positive reviews during release, and its immersive world along with the mysteries of the Dark Zone have made it a popular title on all platforms.

Research group SuperData released information on the digital game sales in March, and The Division revenue amounted to an impressive $109 milion, taking first place from all digital console games. In addition to topping the digital sales, The Division was also the best-selling game in traditional stores in March as well.

Despite the impressive numbers for the The Division revenue, it hasn’t all been a bed of roses for Ubisoft and its multiplayer title. The game has been a constant victim of bugs, glitches, exploits, cheats, and hacks that have been ever-present since launch.

Several patches have been introduced into the game to address these issues, out of which one earlier this month was reportedly wiping out players’ Xbox One character in the game.

Glenn Fielder, a former developer at Sony and Respawn Entertainment has recently criticized Ubisoft, and suggested its basic Network Model might be the cause of the hacks and chests.

Regardless, despite the troublesome state of the game’s stability, Ubisoft will be pleased with the The Division revenue and profits, especially given how The Division spent more money than any other game in ads for March.

The marketing effort has certainly paid off, and it is apparent the world is going towards digital downloads in the modern era, as The Division revenue was $48 million higher than second place Call of Duty: Black Ops III during the month of March.

Via VentureBeat