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This Special Iron Man Xbox One is to Celebrate Captain America Civil War

French fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that are also fans of Microsoft have reason to be excited, because to promote the release of the movie Microsoft’s French division has offered an Iron Man Xbox One to be used as a prize in a contest proposed by the corporation in order to promote Captain America: Civil War.

Sorry, Captain America, but it would appear that Tony Stark is one step ahead of you, and I’m not just talking about getting Spider-Man on his team, and unless Playstation decides that they want to make a Captain America Playstation 4 you’re out of luck in this contest.

This isn’t even the first time that Microsoft has given out new Xbox One consoles, such as when they gave out a Witcher 3 console at PAX East last year.

That being said, the Iron Man Xbox One is a thing of beauty. Its white casing is detailed with the Stark Industries logo across the “top” of the console (if you put it vertically which I strongly advise against), along with a little light-up version of the Arc Reactor that keeps Tony Stark alive, which lights up when the console is powered on. The console’s power button is also designed like the reactor.

The console’s controller has a similar color scheme, being white with another Stark Industries logo across the top of the controller. Its power button is another tiny Arc Reactor, though otherwise it’s a regular Xbox One controller.

If you live in France and want to get a chance to get the Iron Man Xbox One, you have two different ways: You can go to the French Xbox Twitter account and retweet the contest announcement, or you can go to the French Xbox Facebook page and “Like” and comment on the post talking about the contest.

When the contest is over, three lucky Frenchmen (or Frenchwomen) will be lucky enough to have won the three Iron Man Xbox One consoles that are available in the contest. To everyone that ISN’T French, tough luck. Maybe you’ll have an opportunity for a Captain America console.