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Rumor: Xbox 1.5 Currently Being Manufactured. Could Be Revealed at E3?

News about the PlayStation 4.5 or PlayStation Neo have been surfacing on a regular basis, and while Xbox One has been on the sidelines in-terms of mid-generation upgrades, it seems there could be a possible Xbox 1.5.

Microsoft in fact was among the first to float the idea of the Xbox One possibly being upgraded earlier this year, but it all died down. Now, according to a supposed leak, it sounds as if Microsoft has started mass production of an Xbox 1.5, or the literal translation (according to NeoGAF) being ‘Xbox One II.’

The reported “expected production capacity” of this Xbox 1.5 is, according to the leak, 400,000 per week, or 1.2 million a month.  The leak suggests production of this new console started in February this year, and estimating from the numbers, it seems 3.6 million of these consoles have already been manufactured at the time of writing.

The alleged date of reveal is the E3 conference this summer, and Microsoft should have around 5 million Xbox 1.5 or Xbox One II ‘Second Generation’ units ready.

If the supposed releases of the Xbox 1.5 and the PlayStation 4.5/4K this year are true, it puts Nintendo in a tight spot, especially considering the Nintendo NX has been reportedly delayed till next year alongside the next The Legend of Zelda title.

Now with Microsoft and Sony possibly offering more powerful mid-generation console upgrades, it could once again mean Nintendo would fall behind with the NX possibly releasing well after its competitors introduce their newer consoles into the market.

Rumors have suggested the NX will be slightly more powerful than the PS4, but with Xbox 1.5 and PlayStation 4K coming, it might still end up only competing with the current generations, which could eventually become outdated by the time Nintendo releases its platform.