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Pokemon Sun and Moon Release Expected in Holiday 2016, Japanese Magazine Promises Reveals Next Month

Pokemon Sun and Moon, the next two Pokemon titles expected to be released by Nintendo, have been given a window for the western release in North America and Europe.

Nintendo shared details about the Pokemon Sun and Moon release window. According to the details, the game will launch in North America in holiday 2016, whereas Europe will get it towards the later end of the year.

The verbiage may differ, but it seems likely that Pokemon Sun and Moon release dates will eventually be very close to one another for North America and Europe. Pokemon Sun and Moon release will mark the seventh major generation of the Pokemon games.

Details of the game are largely unknown, but it is likely the title will follow the traditional gameplay features and mechanics of previous installments, with a large set of new Pokemon introduced and also some minor alterations.

In related Pokemon news, Japanese magazine CoroCoro also announced a couple of weeks back that it will be covering the game with special features through their upcoming issues. The issue for May is expected to bring brand new details of the game.

It was previously rumored that April will witness the first video gameplay Pokemon Sun and Moon release,, though with just three more days remaining in the month, it seems unlikely this will end up being true.

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