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New Pokemon GO Gameplay Video Includes Character Creation and Other Stuff

Niantic Inc has launched the field test for Pokemon GO in Australia and New Zealand. So we also have a new 8 minute video of Pokemon GO gameplay, which reveals character creation, how can players can capture pocket monsters while walking in the real world and training program.

The game starts with character creation, players can choose their gender, appearance and Pokemon exclusive item like bag pack or Pokeball. Players will be able to find hidden Pokemon while walking around in the real world, players can choose to use their phone`s camera to see the Pokemon in the real life backdop or can use the app`s built-in landscape.

How to capture the Pokemon? you must be asking! Well to capture the Pokemon, players simply need to throw their Pokeball at them when they appear. Capturing Pokemon seems very simple and players don`t even need to fight Pokemon and weaken them.

Players will earn XP when they capture a Pokemon and level up, while higher level players will have more Pokeballs unlocked.

However, the video only shows basic Pokemon GO gameplay, but we are sure that there are more features in the game or will be present in the final version as this is only field testing for the game.

Only the English version have been made available for field testing in New Zealand and Australia and the final version of the game will release later this year.

Couple of weeks earlier some details were revealed for Pokemon Go like the gym training won`t be turn based, instead it will be a brawl. Also during the encounters keep eyes on shrinking circle colors which indicate the probability of Pokemon`s capture.

A Pokemon live action movie is also in the works, as Hollywood studios are now trying to make a deal with Pokemon company to acquire the rights to the live action movie.

Pokemon GO is a augmented reality game which will release for Android and iOS.