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Nintendo is Bringing Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing to Smartphone Devices

Nintendo has confirmed that it is working on two new smartphone apps – Animal Crossing app and Fire Emblem app.

Needless to say, but both Animal Crossing app and Fire Emblem app will be different from the respective franchises. According to Nintendo, both the smartphone apps will launch sometime in coming fall.

Nintendo Announces Fire Emblem App and Animal Crossing App

Nintendo has also announced that the smartphone app for Fire Emblem will be more accessible and will provide great value. Animal Crossing app, on the other hand, will ensure a connected experience with the world of Animal Crossing on consoles.

These newly announced smartphone apps will join Miitomo – launched back in March – based on Tomodachi Life. The app basically revolves around creating a Mii, gathering responses, earning in-game currency, and using it to purchase new clothing and other things. Furthermore, there is a Miifoto feature which lets users dress up their Mii and capture photos.

Smartphones ventures such as Animal Crossing app and FE app are surely a way to keep users occupied with something until Nintendo officially launches its Nintendo NX; presumably in March 2017 along with The Legend of Zelda.

Which other Nintendo titles would you like to see head to smartphone? Let us know in the comments section below!