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New Standard Xbox One Controller May Debut At E3

With E3 only a short time away, rumors are starting to fly about what we’ll see at the conference, and companies are announcing new game titles that we’ll most likely get trailers for at the conference. However, one interesting thing to note for Microsoft is that apparently, we’ll be getting a new standard Xbox One controller, if the rumors are true.

Microsoft’s Xbox One controller won praise for its smooth design and long battery life when the console first came out, and the Xbox One Elite Controller, which came out last year, won even more praise for being a better version, being more high-end and customizable than the regular controller.

Since the Xbox One first came out, the regular black controller and the Elite controller have been the only two variants, though there are some websites (such as The Controller Shop) that can build your own custom Xbox One controller for you. The reason for the new controller rumors might be coming from another rumor, that Microsoft will be unveiling a new “slim” version of the Xbox One, much like they did for a slim Xbox 360 during that console’s run.

Hopefully the controller will actually have some other improvements for it and not just be another color, but we’ll just have to wait until E3 to find out more.