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Minecraft Update 1.9.3 Brings A Host of Bug Fixes, Performance Improvements, and More

Minecraft will be getting updated soon with the 1.9.3 patch, which is looking to bring a host of bug fixes with it. The Minecraft update will also be making minor tweaks to improve performance as well, and will also be adding the experimental development snapshot feature.

Minecraft has a special bugfixes page where users can report certain bugs in the game, which are then patched up in their regularly released updates.

So far, the Minecraft update 1.9.3 has addressed some of the most reported problems on the page, such as the pathfinding memory leak, the world corrupting when teleporting to a y value of minus infinity, and other host of bugs that were either outright breaking the game or making it a tad difficult to play.

Here are the bugs the 1.9.3 Minecraft update will be fixing:

  • A pathfinding memory leak
  • Exponential lag because of entities in 1.9
  • Chunk generation performance improved by 20-30% over 1.9
  • Code optimisation
  • Collisions no longer cause extreme lag
  • Colored ‘dead’ skin template parts no longer cause in-game issues
  • Skin’s jacket parts should now always show up
  • Adult Horse/Donkey pathfinding fixed on elevated terrain
  • World will no longer corrupt by teleporting to y=(-)Infinity
  • Endermen should now always become aggressive when seen
  • Notch’s skin fixed
  • Various crashes fixed

In addition to these bugs, Minecraft update 1.9.3 will also be targeting performance and stability, suggesting that ‘most’ players should see performance improvements after the patch is applied. Additionally, there are crash fixes along with added stability to the client and server.

It seems there is currently now news of Minecraft 2, and given the game’s immense popularity, Mojang has no real reason to release a sequel for the highly popular sandbox title. However, Minecraft update 1.10 should be around the corner, and that is likely to bring a lot of new goodies to the table to refresh the immersive experience of the game.

Via PCGamesN