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The Division Network Model Might be the Cause of Hacks and Cheats

Looks like bugs and glitches were not negative enough for The Division, turns out that The Division network model is also not up to the standards. Glenn Fielder, a former developer at Respawn Entertainment and Sony, has criticized The Division network model for not being secure.

Fielder criticized the game in his  blog and said:

The game displays a fundamental misunderstanding of how FPS games are networked.

Fielder further said that players are able to use cheat engines in the game, and it points towards what is considered to be trusted client network model, now if this is the case then he does not believe that The Division can ever be rid of cheaters.

According to Fielder, to fix this issue on PC would mean that developers would have to completely rewrite most of their network and game code to change its current network model to server-authoritative network model.

Fielder further described that how network model of current competitive first person shooters work. According to Fielder instead of server trusting what client is doing the game actually runs on the server(network code).

This way all of the players inputs run on the server, and if any players even hacks the client then it does no harm to the game or other players because the actual game is happening on the server and the hacker is detected.

Fielder has expressed his concerns that The Division is not handling the client/server relationship according to server-authoritative network model and it is not currently known which network model is being used in the game.

Ubisoft is right now busy to resolve issues, bugs and exploits of The Division. Ubisoft also handed out compensation in the form of phoenix credits to the players affected by the games bugs and exploits.

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