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Diablo 3 Patch 2.4.1 Is Now Live

Blizzard has just announced that Diablo 3 patch 2.4.1 is now live and ready to download onto your Diablo 3 game. The patch will be doing a large amount of adjustments to multiple classes and items, as well as fiddling a bit with the game’s post-story Adventure Mode. Several new cosmetic items have also been added for players to find, and the servers have been tweaked to improve performance.

The classes being adjusted are the Barbarian, the Crusader, the Demon Hunter, the Monk, the Witch Doctor, and the Wizard, along with bug fixes involved with each.

For the Barbarian, the Hammer of the Ancients’s skill rune Birthright now heals you for 3% of your health whenever you land a critical hit. However, it now no longer drops health globes. Your Ignore Pain ability’s Mob Rule skill rune has also been nerfed, reducing damage reduction on allies from 50% to 25%. Finally, your Tough as Nails skill’s thorns now do a 100% damage bonus, rather than 50%.

The Crusader gets a damage buff with the skill Akarat’s Champion, where the damage bonus is now multiplicative with other sources of bonus damage. The Hopeful Cry rune of the Laws of Hope also now reduces Physical Damage by 25% but no longer drops health globes.

The Demon Hunter’s beast companion runes will also be getting a buff. The Boar Companion skill rune now grants life per second and damage resistance bonuses to your allies, while the Wolf Companion rune grants a damage bonus that’s multiplicative with other forms of bonus damage. The same has been applied to the Steady Aim skill.

The Monk doesn’t get any skill adjustments, but Blizzard did fix a bug where a Monk’s health would drop if they had the Earth Ally rune of the Mystic Ally skill active.

The Witch Doctor’s Death Is Life skill rune now has a 70% chance to summon a zombie dog, but no longer drops health orbs.

The Wizard also gets a lot of improvements, including that the Firebird’s Finery set of armor’s set bonus will now activate before Unstable Anomaly. The Wizard’s Archon skill also gets an increase in damage bonus to 30%, an increase in armor and resistance bonuses to 150% from 20%, and a damage multiplier every time an enemy is killed. The Improved Archon skill rune also gets a damage increase to 50% from 22%, and his Teleport cool down is decreased to 2 seconds.

You can see the rest of the notes for Diablo 3 patch 2.4.1 on the Diablo forums, here.