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Ashes of Singularity Version 1.1 Brings New Units, Campaign Options, Maps

Stardock has released Ashes of Singularity version 1.1. The update brings new campaign challenge levels, new “intermediate” and “novice” difficulty levels for the AI in Skirmish mode, new unit, new global ability.

Ashes of Singularity was released back in March and has since received frequent updates from its developer; we have had single player content, friend-based hall of fames, and many balance changes. Devs intend to keep supporting the game and gather feedback for features, fixes and improvements.

According to Brad Wardell, President and CEO of Stardock:

The community response to the game has been great, and we’ve really listened to the feedback they’ve given us. There is something special about a community that attracts both veteran strategy gamers and is supportive of those new to real-time strategy games

Stardock released custom scenarios including “Overlord” to show its appreciation for early adopters of the game. Overlord lets players create squads from both faction, and Assault and be in charge of an invasion of planet Pythos.

Overall, the game has been received really well by the community but players have demanded more story content; devs are on it. In their next free content update they will be adding a deluxe version of the campaign with additional missions, voice narratives and more background story for the events that took place before Singularity.

Ashes of Singularity is available on PC through Steam but you can also pick up from the official Stardock website. For more on Ashes of Singularity, stay-tuned.