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Uncharted 4 Out Now in UK and Middle East

Uncharted 4 is now available to consumers in the UK and Middle East. Buyers were seen posting pictures of their purchases along with purchase receipts.

Amazon broke the street date in the United Kingdom while local retailers did the same in Middle East. We don’t usually see Amazon breaking street dates but in the Middle East almost every major title is available ahead of its official launch day.

Uncharted 4 was suppose to release on April 27 but was delayed to May 10. It looks like Amazon was following the same release schedule and neglected to update its system.

Since the game has broken street date in two regions and god knows how many others, it is best you be careful surfing the digital realms over next couple of weeks to avoid potential spoilers. There will surely be video of it YouTube, Twitch stream etc over the next two weeks.

Uncharted 4 will officially release on May 10 and will end the story of Nathan Drake. Once its DLC is out Naughty Dog will continue development on The Last of Us 2.

Naughty Dog yesterday released the final trailer for Uncharted 4 to give a taste of things to come and hype up its release (not that it needs any more hype).

You can get the game from Amazon or from your local retailer if you live in the Middle East.