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Street Fighter 5 EVO 2016 Will Have Over 4000 Participants

Street Fighter’s rise to popularity is no surprise to any one and EVO has tweeted on its official twitter that there will be 4,000 participants for Street Fighter 5 EVO 2016.

Now this could be the largest tournament held in the history of gaming tournaments in terms of participants. Street Fighter 4 revived the community of fighting games and it seems that Street Fighter 5 is taking it a new level.

Now you must be asking why all of a sudden so much interest in this game? Well, there are many people who have not played any fighting game since Dreamcast, when Street Fighter 4 released it revitalized the fighting game scene. By the time this game rose to its peak of popularity, its days were numbered because the game mechanics were not easy to remember.

The simplicity of mechanics of Street Fighter 5 make it relatively easy to get into as compared to Street Fighter 4, which means a lot of players who left Street Fighter 4 because of its complicated controls came to play along with other gamers who play other fighting games like Mortal Kombat, who have decided to participate in the event as well. All because of simple gameplay mechanics and combos.

EVO has also introduced a new rule that will allow players to use DualShock 4 officially. In the past Dualshock as well as other wireless controllers were banned from the tournament, but a large number of community members have been requesting the management to allow Dualshock 4 and now they have allowed it but with another rule.

The second rule is to make sure that other players don`t have issue with other players not unpairing their DualShock 4 right after the match. So, whoever participant fails to unpair their controller will be disqualified from the tounament.

What do you think of so many participants entering Street Fighter 5 EVO 2016? Let us know in the comments.