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There Are Now 50 Million Hearthstone Players

According to a press release from Blizzard Entertainment, there are now 50 million Hearthstone players all playing the game. Hearthstone, Blizzard’s highly-addicting collectible card game that is free-to-play on its platform, has been one of its most popular games ever since it officially launched in March of 2014.

Hearthstone, based on the World of Warcraft universe, provides hundreds of cards to collect and decks to build, along with three different “stories”, where you undertake famous World of Warcraft raids, facing off against villains and bosses in duels in return for cards.

Players can also buy booster packs with gold that they earn from daily quests, or buy them with real money. Booster packs can even be earned from Arena mode (where you face off against a random opponent and try to get to nine wins without losing three times) if you do well enough. The game even has a card-crafting system where you can either disassemble cards for magic dust, or use that magic dust to make new cards of varying types and strengths.

In addition to the quests and arena modes, you can also play in ranked matches against players of a similar skill level to you, or play in a Tavern Brawl, where you face off against another opponent with both of you using gimmick decks.

The game has exploded in popularity and now has apps on both the iPad and the iPhone, which is undoubtedly where a large number of those 50 million Hearthstone players come from.

And if that wasn’t enough, Hearthstone has just released a third expansion in its cards, entitled Whispers of the Old Gods, to join its Goblins and Gnomes and Grand Tournament expansions. Whispers of the Old Gods will bring in new cards, new heroes, and new balance changes to older cards.

You can play Hearthstone for free on Blizzard’s platform.