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Next Need for Speed Update Detailed; Speedlists, Prestige Mode, Activities

EA took to PlayStation Blog to detail new features the next Need for Speed Update brings; we have speedlists, Prestige Mode, minor change to Daily Challenges, and Activities.

SpeedLists will boost competitive elements of Need for Speed. Players will compete against each other in a series of five pre-selected events. At the end of each event you will receive points based on the results and your position.

As you play SpeedLists you’ll soon find yourself awarded with a title based on your overall position within the NFS Community.

Prestige mode on the other hand will ask you to beat the scores in Five Ways to Play; Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw. Once the narrative is complete more details will be provided to you. You will get an app installed on your in-game phone as well that will allow you to toggle between regular and Prestige events.

Drift Corners and Speed Runs are the two new activities being added to the game. Perform drifts near corners to earn points in Drift Corners. Speed Runs are located across the Ventura Bay so go full throttle through one. We also have three new trophies:

  • Basic Bronze: Win all the Prestige events
  • Gold Plated: Win Gold on all Prestige events
  • Speed Master: Win all the events in a SpeedList

Lastly we have a minor change for daily challenges, mainly to the way they offer decal for completing three in one day. After the latest update hits you only need to complete one per day to earn one of the 150 decals on offer.

New Need for Speed update is coming out tomorrow, April 27.