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Mark Darrah Shows Twitter a Dragon Age Clip, New Game?

Mark Darrah, the producer of Bioware’s Dragon Age series, decided to be a tease today when he posted a short Dragon Age clip on Twitter, showing the internet a small booklet. There wasn’t much to go on in the clip (as it simply said that it was property of EA and was for internal use only) but what’s truly interesting is the cover of said booklet.


For anyone that’s finished Dragon Age Inquisition and all of its DLC, you know by now that the elven mage Solas, who served as a party member in the last Dragon Age game Dragon Age Inquisition, is an old elven god known as Fen’Harel, the Dread Wolf. At the end of the Trespasser DLC, Solas saved the Inquisitor from being killed by the Mark that gave them the power to close rifts to the Fade, Dragon Age’s spirit world.

While doing so, he revealed that he truly was Fen’Harel, and intended to bring down the Veil that separated the Fade from the real world, something he said that the rest of the world would not survive. The picture on the book shows a castle, and above it, a wolf’s head on fire. These most likely represent Skyhold, the Inquisition’s main base in the game, and Solas and his plans for the Fade.

While the Dragon Age clip doesn’t reveal much about that, it may be something related to the next Dragon Age game, which will most likely focus on stopping Solas from achieving his goals.

However, we can’t really know what all the book holds because if it’s for internal use only, only Bioware employees are going to be looking at it to see what’s inside. In the meantime, Dragon Age fans will have to sit and wait and see where the story goes from here.