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Mafia 3 Collectibles Teased On Facebook Page

It’s a known fact of life that every open-world game will have at least one group of objects to collect as you travel the entire game area. This normally requires a guide to go through unless you exhaustively examine each one, and Mafia 3 collectibles will be no exception.

A relatively unassuming picture posted on the game’s Facebook page today shows a relatively unassuming newspaper that talks about the resumption of construction on a building, fitting with the “collectible” sidequest that the first two Mafia games (Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven and Mafia 2) had in their own games.

Previous games included four different collectibles: Playboy magazines, Wanted posters, artwork, and a family album that was available once you completed the game’s main story. All of these collectibles can add hours to playtime as you try and gather them all.

If Mafia 3 collectibles maintain the tradition there will be just as many collectibles to deal with in New Bordeaux, the newest location in the series. However, if newspapers become a new collectible this time, it can be provide valuable insight into the game world and into the chaotic year of 1968, when the game is set, and can bring up national or world news from that time, or that comes from your own exploits.

One example of this would be the newspaper shown on the Facebook page, where in addition to the construction of a building once again going ahead, that a local union representative is missing and presumed dead, though whether that’s your doing or the antagonist’s we can’t really say.

We’re not really sure of what other collectibles will be available for you to gather in Mafia 3, but hopefully they’re all interesting (there’s more than a few of you that would look forward to being able to gather Playboys I assume) and add even more flavor to the game.

Mafia 3 will be releasing on October 7 on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac OS.