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Jak and Daxter 4 Is Not in Development: Naughty Dog

Not too long ago, pieces of artwork were posted online by a freelance artists that fuel speculation of Jak and Daxter 4. Naughty Kept its silence at the time but has recently commented on Jak and Daxter 4 development.

Naughty Dog’s Arne Meyer denied any such title being in development. According to him, many of the artists they work with are fans of their previous games and often post art that is inspired by games Naughty Dog has created.

The art was posted by a guy who worked as a freelancer at Naughty Dog and has nothing to do with a possible Jak and Daxter reboot. However, they did investigate the possibility of a new game in the series a long time ago but nothing turned into anything.

We obviously had investigated a new Jak and Daxter a long time ago. Anything surrounding that is part of the initial exploration. There’s a lot of art we didn’t release – some that we did put together.

But there’s nothing in the works right now. You have to remember, a lot of the time, a lot of the artists that we work with are big fans of our games. A concept artist who used to work with us went freelance. Well, he put out some fan art of The Last Of Us and everyone all of a sudden is like, ‘oh Last of Us 2!’ and I’m like ‘IT’S FAN ART, he just loves our shit.’

So what are they planning to do after Uncharted 4? Well, the studio previously said that it will explore ideas for The Last of Us 2, development will resume on the sequel.

Source: Finder