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Borderlands Movie Gets Aaron Berg as Screenwriter

Borderlands is making its way to the silver screen slowly but steadily, and if we have learned anything from movie adaptions of the games we know that it will take 10 years or will never happen. Despite all of that Borderlands movie have made some significant advance by hiringĀ Canadian comedian Aaron Berg to serve as a screenwriter.

The news comes from Hollywood Reporter. However, Berg is known for his stand up comedy and some minor acting roles, he also wrote the script for underdevelopment spy thriller Section 6 and also for G.I. Joe 3.

Avi and Ari Arad, who are known for producing movie adaptations of games, will produce the Borderlands movie. THR`s sources claim that the studio is aiming for an “R” rating which makes sense since the game is about a planet of outlaws and bandits.

The games have been criticized for cheap jokes and almost no narrative depth, but Borderlands Presequel and Tales from borderlands demonstrated that the series has more to it than just over the top explosions and screeching noises.

Then again will anybody be excited for Borderlands movie since movie adaptations of games have a very bad history of being bad movies and not properly utilizingĀ the source material, like recently released Agent 47 movie. However, we are still optimistic that a great film adaptation can be made by focusing on the strengths of the game series.

The Borderlands game series is also back in the news with announcement by the developers at PAX East that, they will start developing Borderlands 3 right after they wrap up production on Battleborn and its DLC.

Borderlands is a open-world first person shooter set on another planet Pandora which is occupied by outlaws. The game series is 2k`s bestselling properties with 26 million units shipped worldwide.