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Bohemia Interactive Still Doesn’t Have an ETA for DayZ Console Release

The first DayZ console prototype was expected in Q1 2016, according a number of reports. The first quarter is about to end but there is still no word from Bohemia Interactive. A concerned fan took to Twitter and asked the developers about DayZ console release.

Unfortunately, devs still don’t have an ETA which means those expecting a Q1 release are in for disappointment.

Dayz was an Arma 2 Mod which gained so much popularity that it was turned into a standalone game. The game is available on PC and devs are now trying to bring it to console.

Technically, Bohemia never promised a Q1 release but there were so many reports claiming that it would happen. Just last month they released a statement clarifying the situation.

Since we get this this quite often, and it appears to be a constant source of confusion, we wanted to clear up a major misconception.
We never promised a Q1 2016 release of DayZ on console. What was said, is that we intended to have an internal, playable version for in-house testing by the above stated quarter. We do.

We’re obviously as excited as everyone else about console, but logically, fans should expect that getting PC where we want it to be is priority, and console isn’t going to leapfrog that. Essentially, don’t expect a surprise DayZ console drop while we’re in the middle of beta on PC. It’s not gonna happen.

DayZ can only be played on PC for the time being.