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Watch Dogs on PS4 May Be Part of PS Plus May Lineup

With rumors of a sequel to 2014’s Watch Dogs already starting to spring up in the gaming circle, now we may be getting a remastered version of the Watch Dogs on PS4 available to play next month.

A leaked picture of the two games that would be available for PS Plus subscribers included not only Watch Dogs, but also Tetris Ultimate in a step up from April’s two games, Zombi (a ported version of the game ZombiU for the Wii U which came out in 2012) and Dead Star, a game where you controlled a ship and traveled the galaxy.

Having Watch Dogs on PS4 will be the first time since December of 2014 that the PS4 will have a triple-A game on its PS Plus section. That month included both Injustice: Gods Among Us and Infamous: First Light.

Despite Watch Dog’s middling reception when it came out back in 2014, the game was pretty popular at the time. Hopefully, if it is a remastered version that we’ll be getting, the game will have at least been improved somewhat to alleviate many of the complaints, especially putting the game up to the E3 graphics that had previously wowed gamers and was one of the game’s harshest criticisms when it released.

At the same time the possibility of Watch Dogs on PS4 and Tetris Ultimate along with it is just a rumor for now, brought on by a leaked image. It might be Photoshopped and just made to look legitimate but otherwise is fake, or it could be the real thing. We haven’t even really heard anything about a version of Watch Dogs on PS4, so until something does happen in May or it’s officially announced, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Since we’ve still got over a week until May begins, at least we won’t have long to wait.