Star Fox Guard Guide – Enemies, Bosses, How to Complete

Bundled with Star Fox Zero and available as a separate download, Star Fox Guard tasks players to protect their base from incoming army of various robots.

In addition to normal robots, there are a couple of bosses as well that pose a significant threat than regular bots. The normal robots, however, have varying threat levels and players must prioritize which threat to tackle first.

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Star Fox Guard Guide

This guide details all the enemies and bosses in Star Fox Guard, each one’s attacks, and how to counter each one effectively:

Star Fox Guard Enemies

Hi Ho
These are slow and hardly cause a problem. However, if not dealt with quickly, they can deal considerable damage to core.

These are also slow, but pose a significant danger to turret cameras. Therefore, try to halt their advances towards the turret cameras.

These can be considered as support units as they create a smoke screen and thus aiding other units to freely move in and out of core. You should try to keep them at bay and do not let them get near.

Green Tank
These units can destroy turrets with a charged shot. Due to this reason, you need to try and destroy them from a distance. However, do note that these tanks take a couple of seconds to charge a hit and must be destroyed during or before the charge time. If your turret camera is glowing red, it means that a Green Tank is charging a hit.

These aerial units are capable of ripping the turret cameras in a matter of seconds. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep an eye out on on-screen hints and destroy them before they have a chance to get in close and pose a serious threat.

These big targets can cling themselves to turret cameras and show you false footage while other units sneak past. As soon as you see one flying towards a camera, focus your attention towards it and begin shooting.

Like Pausemo, these units can also get away with your AegisCams within a matter of seconds. This is why you need to destroy them before they have a chance to get near one of your AegisCams.

These units walk upto your turrets, create a strong gust of wind, and drastically affect your accuracy. You should try to switch to another camera nearby and destroy them from there.

These units are extremely agile and deal a whole lot of damage. These units basically teleport in front of AegisCams and take them out. Since you do not want to be left blinded, try to prioritize them and destroy them as early as possible!

Red Tank
These units function almost like the Green Tanks, but are far more devastating. After shooting them for a few times, they will become invincible for about 30 seconds. During the invincibility period, focus your attention towards something else.

These units are capable of generating fake alarms and head inside the base without any difficulty. Since only 3 shots are required to bring them down, try to do so as early as possible!

These units work almost like K.O.F units, but instead of smoke screen, they detonate a hard-hitting explosive that deals area-of-effect damage and can destroy turrets. This is the reason why you should avoid letting them inside the base and deal damage to them from a distance.

These units should be on top of your priority list as they have huge scrambling radius. Do not, at any cost, let them inside your base and try to destroy them as quickly as possible! The M.A.G. units basically affect accuracy and render AegisCams unstable.

These units are no threat to your AegisCams, but steal away metal from destroyed bots. Since these units do not pose an immediate threat, try to prioritize them last!

Green Clucktron
These units are almost like the normal Clucktron units, but with added armor and speed – a whole lot harder to kill than the normal Clucktrons.

These slow units pose somewhat significant threat. Once you shoot them, they will detach their bottom half and will move around really fast with their upper half – keep this in mind so that you do not leave any of the top half roaming around.

These units hide behind a shield which can be frustrating. This is why you should try to switch cameras and shoot them from different angles. Moreover, you should try to destroy them using lock-on camera turret that fires from overhead! Last but not the least, these units will sometime raise their shields which should be your window to destroy them.

These units use an advanced stealth technique that enables them to stay off the radar until it is too late. This thing alone makes them high priority targets and you should definitely destroy them the moment you see them.

These are heavily-armored units that are extremely hard to destroy and absorb a lot of hits before going down. You should also consider switching targets in-between instead of just shooting at them continuously!

Although these units are not stealthier than Cloack-R units, these are definitely stronger. In order to deal with them, you need to keep an eye out on your radar and eliminate them even if you have a hunch of where they might be.

These units do not deal a whole lot of damage, but can jump over your base’s walls in absolutely no time! You need to keep them out of your base by shooting them while they are mid-air and do not let them in at any cost.

These high speed units can get inside your base within the blink of an eye and change direction once they are hit. You should try to keep an eye out on them and hit them with a freeze gun or using a lock-on laser from the automatic turret.

These units are capable of teleporting, hiding behind walls, and climbing them at a slow but steady pace. Due to their persistence, these units can head to your Base Core without any issue. Do not undermine their abilities and try to destroy them as early as possible!

These units start slow, but as you continue to shoot them, they divide into smaller/faster forms that are very hard to hit and can get inside your base in no time. One of the best ways to destroy them is to use Charge Cam shot.

Star Fox Guard Bosses

Hi Ho King
You need to negate any projectile directed towards the AegisCam and continue to target the Optical Sensors. In addition to this, it will also directly charge at turrets and summon Hi Ho units. Once you see it bring out a drill from the main body, throw everything at your disposal until you complete the fight.

Queen Clucktron
This unit not only flies around the base, but can also reduce accuracy. In addition to this, it also summons Clucktron units that can dash away with AegisCams. Last but not the least, if you see it open its beak, shoot everything at your disposal. Once it opens its beak, it either charges directly at the core or fires a sonic wave that destroys cameras.

Infernal Joker
At the start, you need to protect the core from its charge shots. In order to do so, you need to attack in-between the charged shots and try to disrupt it. Once you have successfully destroyed all turrets, attack the Red A.T.K. until it goes down.

There is no immediate need of focusing on other A.T.K. units until they are near the core. Instead of engaging them, you should try to deal some more damage to Infernal Joker and hinder it from summoning Jumperalls, Big-G, and other units.

During the last phase, the boss will fly around the base and affect accuracy. At this point, you need to aim for its Optical Sensors and continue to deal damage. However, as soon as you see it turn blue, prepare for a teleport attack and charge on your core. During this sequence, you need to utilize everything at your disposal to damage the hidden cannon in its mouth and try to stun it – after destroying the cannon.

During the stun phase, you need to deal as much damage as possible. Lastly, if see the Infernal Joker on fire, go in with everything on you and complete the boss battle.

This is all we have on Star Fox Guard guide. If there is something else you would like to know, do make sure to let us know in the comments section below!