Rock Band 4 Expansion Pack, Multiplayer, Practice Mode And More Coming in 2016

Josh Harrison who is the Community manager for Harmonix has confirmed that Rock Band 4 expansion pack, practice mode, multiplayer and more content are coming this year.

The announcement comes from official Harmonix blog where Harrison said that in May they are bringing Miko and Thorn from Batlleborn to the game. These two new characters will be playable for free.

Harmonix is also bringing double kick support for Rock Band 4 with May update, players will be able to use that port on the back of their drums for a second kick pedal.

In June, developers are bringing practice mode for Rock Band 4 where players can replay sections of the game giving trouble. Vocal pitch guides for lead and harmonies will also be available in practice mode.

According to Harrison updates for the game will be put on pause after June to put some finishing touches on the features coming this fall for the game.

Harrison further said:

No story with chapters would rightfully end after chapter one, so continuing our promise of Rock Band 4 being the Rock Band for this console generation, in the fall we’re going to be launching our first expansion pack. This is going to have some heavy-hitting features in it that will get some light shined (shone?) on them at E3. There are brand-new, never-before-seen features, and they add some really interesting ways to play the game.

When all of this is made available for the game, an adapter from PDP will also be released so that users on Xbox one can play Rock Band 4 with Xbox 360 ION Drum Rocker.

Enhancements for music library will also be made like filtering options and ability to give thumbs up or down to songs in library.

Rock Band 4 expansion pack will be getting free updates in 2017 and the biggest update will be online synchronous multiplayer for Rock Band 4 which arrives around holidays.

Right now all of this is still in early design phases but, the idea is to address some concerns about DLC library mismatches.

Rock Band 4 is a music video game which is available on Xbox one and PlayStation 4.