Persona 5 Website Hacked; PC Version and July Release Date Was Fake

Persona 5 website was hacked recently and hackers posted false information about the game. Over the past few days fans were excited to see a countdown clock on the website teasing an announcement.

Little after that fans noticed Persona 5 website showing a PC version and July 8 release date. The website is run by Atlus who is the publisher of the game but apparently their security measures were inadequate.

After the fake information broke, a wave of excitement shook the internet but we quickly started seeing odd posts and updates which suggested that the website has been hacked.

The countdown was ticking toward May 5th and set to end at 5:30 AM PT / 8:30AM ET / 12:30PM GMT on that day.

We are still expecting a major announcement on May 5 but this incident will definitely leave a bitter taste in the mouth. On May 5 we will most probably hear about its release date and possible special editions of the game. We may also get a custom PS4 model for Persona 5.

Keep in mind that Persona 5 is exclusive to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, there is no PC version in development. It was originally a PS3 game that was later ported to PlayStation 4 as well.

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