No Persona 5 PC Version According to Atlus USA PR Manager

If the fact that people had to hack the Persona 5 website in order to try and fool people into thinking that the game would have a PC port wasn’t enough of a downer for some, the PR manager for ATLUS USA, John Hardin, has said that there will most likely not be a Persona 5 PC version.

When asked about whether the version was possible, Hardin said that everything he was seeing at the studio pointed towards it not happening, which might be a bummer to people that don’t own a Playstation 4 that were hoping to play the RPG when it comes out.

Ever since Persona 4 smashed sales records on the Playstation Vita and was later given the updated re-release Persona 4: Golden, Persona has become one of the more well-received Japanese RPGs in the West, mainly due to its battle system, music, characters, and settings.

Unfortunately the series has traditionally been limited solely to Playstation consoles, ranging from the Vita to the Playstation 3 to now the Playstation 4, so if you want to get started on one of the best role-playing game genres around you’ll likely just have to buy a Playstation 4.

While visual-novel style games can be played well on the PC (various visual novels like Hatoful Boyfriend and others are already available on Steam), a Persona 5 PC version will likely be sticking with the Playstaiton 4.

Plus the Persona games aren’t all visual-novel style anyway; though the majority of the game takes place in that, with you running around the central location you’re in and doing things like hanging out with friends, going to school, and on occasion working part-time jobs, the rest of it is a dungeon-crawling RPG that gives the series its uniqueness.

So if you either want to get into Persona or were hoping that the games stayed on the Playstation Vita, you’ll have to suck it up and start saving for a Playstation 4 if you want to get Persona 5 when it comes out.