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New Dark Souls 3 Speedrun Has Player Beat All Bosses in One Hour

Souls games have become one of the go-to challenges for gamers in general, ever since the series really took off when Dark Souls released back in 2011. We’ve seen speedruns, gimmick builds, and, most recently, a person going through the entirety of the game without taking a single hit, and now we have one Dark Souls 3 speedrun where the entire game is beaten in less than an hour.

This trend began back when Dark Souls came out, when a Japanese player beat the game in around 90 minutes, but the player in question, Distortion2, managed to beat the game in a record-setting one hour, nine minutes and fifty-four seconds.

Distortion was able to do this thanks to a number of clever tricks; firstly, he only went after the main storyline bosses, rather than going off the beaten path into optional areas. He also used a trick that involved quitting the game and restarting whenever he had to open a heavy door (the animations of that can take a rather long time) in order to automatically start in the next area.

Distortion also used the Ghost spell for his Dark Souls 3 speedrun, as it negates falling damage (and if you want to cut around some winding areas and get to another part you’ll need to jump off of some pretty high spots)

Distortion’s most important part of the speedrun, however, was his framerate. Framerates are vital for speedruns, as any hitch in the game or any slowdown can bring down your time or, in the worst cases, cause you to die and really mess your time up.

Distortion also achieved something else in the speedrun: he didn’t die a single time. While that can most likely be attributed to him high-tailing it past the various generic enemies in the game, it’s still a significant achievement with some of the more difficult bosses in it.

Distortion is also constantly re-running the game, working to find the best build, the best weapon, and the best way through a level, but you can see his entire run here.