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Mafia 3 Features Songs from The Sixties, Team is Happy with the Collection

During a panel at PAX East, developer Hanger 13 said that Mafia 3 features songs from the 60`s, although they did not name any of the songs.

The developers also mentioned that music licensing is a tricky business which is one of the many reasons why more songs have not been announced. However, devs are happy about the songs they have selected, although they are not ready to talk about them.

Some of the trailers included famous songs from the 60`s like Along the Watchtower and House of the Rising Sun. However these will not be the only Mafia 3 features songs as the game will include Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Fortune Son and Son of a Preacher Man by Dusty Springfield. Rolling Stone`s Paint it Black will also be featured in the game.

During the panel Haden Blackman, creative director on Mafia 3, said that they considered many different settings for the game. Blackman further said that it was important to the developers that game`s location had things that mob could take over like industry, tourism and entertainment.

According to Blackman they ultimately settled for New Orleans because it met the requirements for the game`s setting and it feels different then Mafia 2`s Empire Bay which is important.

Developers further said that in Mafia 3 there will be many different cars to drive including muscle cars, jeeps and even military vehicles. Each car will have its own unique abilities but do not expect any full “sim” abilities according to Producer Andy Wilson.

Blackman further said that players can make the choice about how they want to play the game, taking either guns blazing approach or stalking. Blackman also teased that Mafia 3 will feature series of choices that result in long term changes.

Mafia 3 is set to release on Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and PC on October 7th with hours and hours of lengthy gamelay and replayability.