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Jos Hendriks Teases Tons of Cool BioWare Stuff Other Than Andromeda

Jos Hendriks, an employee at Bioware’s Edmonton offices, decided to be a tease on Twitter today and say that he was really excited with all of the cool BioWare stuff that we’d be getting.

Be it on Mass Effect: Andromeda or [redacted]. Lots of cool stuff that we’re building for people.
Of the stuff we saw I’m excited most for Andromeda, though. I’m obviously biased towards #space, and more invested, but man. Excited.

BioWare’s been giving us a lot of news about Mass Effect: Andromeda lately, but we have absolutely no idea what its [redacted] property might be.

We may see it at E3 if BioWare shows off anything during it (and considering how close we are to E3, and with Andromeda being released sometime in early 2017, they probably will) but whatever [redacted] is, we don’t really know.

It most likely won’t be another Dragon Age game. Dragon Age: Inquisition, the latest in the fantasy series, only released back in 2014, and its final DLC, Trespasser, just released in September of last year. There’s no way BioWare’s had enough time with that to announce anything meaningful, so the redacted game would have to be something else.

Either way, considering that it’s BioWare, one of the greats in terms of making RPGs, we’ll undoubtedly love whatever cool BioWare stuff they put out. Whether it’s another fantasy or science-fiction title or, perhaps, the long-awaited KOTOR 3 (unlikely considering Star Wars: The Old Republic is still going strong but still nice to fantasize about), we’ll most likely enjoy it immensely.

Either way, we’ll have to wait until E3 or some other show for BioWare to come out and announce whatever new thing they’ll be handing us, along with all of the cool new space stuff and everything else that we’ll be seeing in Mass Effect: Andromeda.