Hitman The Sarajevo Six Trailer Reveals Your Second Target

IO Interactive has released a new trailer for Hitman The Sarajevo that reveals your second target. Known as “The Enforcer,” Gary Lunn is currently working Ether Bio lab.

The target is in Sapanianza, a new location that is a part of Hitman Episode 2. Gary Lunn is from Canada and an ex member of a paramilitary unit called CICADA. He is a highly trained soldier who is supervising high level security at the aforementioned Bio Lab.

Hitman The Sarajevo Six contracts are exclusive to PlayStation 4.

Hitman Episode 2 will release on April 26 but before it is out we will see a major update released that will deal with a number of issues.

For instance, we expect to have much better loading times and players will now have the option to reconnect with Square Enix servers if there is an issue with connectivity.

There are some PC specific changes as well such as:

Recommended Settings: The Game Launcher will recommend graphic settings based on player hardware.
Windowed Mode: The Game Launcher now allows players to change their resolution in Windowed Mode. (Useful for streamers)
Audio Levels: Audio levels during cutscenes and briefing videos now match the in-game audio.
Key Bindings: Fixed minor issues with inconsistent key bindings
Sapienza Patch Details

Head over here to read more about Hitman Episode 2 update. Hitman is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It is a digital only episodic game will always online functionality. IO will release a full retail version in 2017.