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Battleborn Trophies Revealed By GearBox

Gearbox has shared the list of Battleborn trophies for PlayStation 4. There are a plethora of trophies for you to earn but it sure won’t be easy getting them for your collection.

Identical should be the achievements for Xbox One version of Battleborn.

  • Savior of the Universe
    Unlock all other trophies (excluding additional content trophies)
  • Battleborn
    Reach Command Rank 100 and earn the Battleborn title
  • No Rest for the Wicked
    Win 30 Story missions or Versus matches
  • Solus War Hardcore Hero
    Complete all Story missions on Hardcore
  • Solus War Hero Advanced
    Complete all Story missions on Advanced Difficulty
  • Tour of Duty
    Win a match on each Versus map
  • Commander and Collector
    Play at least one match or mission with all 25 Battleborn
  • Sir Hon. Lord Baron Oscar Mike Jr IV, Esq.
    Collect 25 Titles from completing Challenges
  • First Among Heroes
    Complete a match or mission and reach rank 15 with a Battleborn
  • Perfectionist
    Complete a Story mission without losing any Lives
  • The Ol’ One-Two
    Get 5 double kills
  • Behold My Death Lasers and Despair
    Activate a piece of Legendary Gear
  • Solus Sentinel
    Achieve a Gold rating on any Story mission
  • Gotta Punch ’em All
    Land the killing blow on each Battleborn at least once
  • Decked Out
    Activate three pieces of Epic or better Gear in a single mission or match
  • Grow Forth and Conquer
    Activate a mutation in a match
  • New Guy, Everybody. Everybody, New Guy.
    Complete a challenge that unlocks a Battleborn
  • When You Roll Up With the Squad Like
    Enter matchmaking with a full team of 5 players
  • The Blossom’s Fury
    Complete all Thorn lore challenges
  • Brotherhood of the Mikes
    Complete all Oscar Mike lore challenges
  • Keeper of the Blades
    Complete all Rath lore challenges
  • Titanium Dandy
    Complete all Marquis lore challenges
  • Acres and Eras
    Complete all Miko lore challenges
  • It’s My Only Name, Chief
    Complete all Montana lore challenges
  • Rise of the Valkyrie
    Complete all Reyna lore challenges
  • Champion of the Pits
    Complete all Caldarius lore challenges
  • Love and Fire, Death and Kisses
    Complete all Orendi lore challenges
  • Elegance in Engineering
    Complete all Phoebe lore challenges
  • Flyboy
    Complete all Benedict lore challenges
  • The Bears and the Beers
    Complete all Boldur lore challenges
  • Priestess of the Sustaining Mother
    Complete all Ambra lore challenges
  • Hate Furnace at Maximum! 🙂
    Complete all ISIC lore challenges
  • Me ‘n’ My Monster
    Complete all Shayne & Aurox lore challenges
  • The Wraith of Bliss
    Complete all Galilea lore challenges
  • Civil Ice
    Complete all Kelvin lore challenges
  • Anarchy Rules
    Complete all Attikus lore challenges
  • The Once and Future Champ
    Complete all El Dragón lore challenges\
  • Anxious, Angry, and Adorable
    Complete all Toby lore challenges
  • The Captain
    Complete all Ghalt lore challenges
  • Lost Little Eldrid
    Complete all Mellka lore challenges
  • The Spymistress
    Complete all Deande lore challenges
  • The Curmudgeon
    Complete all Kleese lore challenges
  • The Mike Who Lived
    Complete all Whiskey Foxtrot lore challenges
  • Shock the Trooper
    Complete The Renegade on any difficulty
  • Mister Wolf’s Wild Ride
    Complete The Void’s Edge on any difficulty
  • Desperate Measurements
    Complete The Experiment on any difficulty
  • Remnants of Codex
    Complete The Archive on any difficulty
  • Traps and Treasure
    Complete The Sentinel on any difficulty
  • A Booming Business
    Complete The Saboteur on any difficulty
  • Divide by Zero Hour
    Complete The Algorithm on any difficulty

Gearbox recently hosted a beta for Battleborn on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Battleborn beta was played by over 2 million players.