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Ubisoft Wants to Know if You Would Like New The Division City

Ubisoft posted a very extensive survey which takes about 30 minutes to fully complete and most of it is pretty boring. However, it asks a very interesting question about players supporting the idea of a new The Division City.

The survey is divided into two parts; one of them is 10 minutes while the other is 20 minutes long. You can head over here to take the survey.

The first part is pretty normal and asks about your gender, gaming genre presences, how are you liking the loot system etc. The second part is when things get interesting. Ubisoft asks for your opinion about The Division DLCs and a new city that you may like to explore.

The idea of a new The Division city have come up before and it would definitely be exciting to have. However, adding an entire city doesn’t make sense, why not just release The Division 2? But if Ubisoft has long term plans for The Division like Bungie had with Destiny, then an entire new city with new missions and new challenges should be something on Ubisoft’s to-do list.

I would recommend fixing the game that is already available before adding more areas or an entire city. There are issues with the game such as crashes, bugs, glitches, hackers, exploits that need to be dealt with first.

Ubisoft has been busy compensating for these issues with Phoenix Credits.

Would you like The Division to have a new city or more areas to explore in New York? Share what you think in the comments below.