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Operation Dust Line Reveals New Operators For Rainbow Six

Ubisoft has announced its second major content update Operation Dust Line for Rainbow Six Siege and also shared early details for the content.

The news comes from official Ubisoft blog. Operation Dust Line is set to release in early May. This new update features two new operatives from a counter terrorist unit. The new operatives are Valkyrie (defense) and Blackbeard (attacker) from US Navy Seals.

Valkyrie is equipped with deployable sticky camera while Blackbeard is equipped with a rifle and a shield.

Players can tune into PC Rainbow Six Pro League finals on May 7 to learn more about Valkyrie, Blackbeard and other content coming with the update.

However, some fans have raised concern regarding female Navy SEAL Valkyrie. Fans said that as of now there is no female in Navy SEAL unit and never have been.

According to the some users Ubisoft developed Rainbow Six Siege based on counter terrorist units around the world and they are not doing good job at being realistic with it.

Those with the season pass for Rainbow Six Siege will have early access to Operation Dust Line on May 9.

Operation Dust Line is second of the four major content updates scheduled to be released for Rainbow Six Siege. The First update Operation Black Ice introduced two new operators from Canada`s Joint Task Force 2 named Frost and Buck and a new yacht map.

Last week Ubisoft announced that those players who missed their chance to compete in Season one of Rainbow Six Siege Pro League will get another shot at the prize which will be $150,000 and in the meantime top ranked teams are coming together to fight for first season`s prize. Each winning team will get $50,000 on Xbox one and PC.

Rainbow Six Siege is a first person multiplayer tactical shooter available for Xbox one, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.