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Battleborn Beta Was Played By Two Million Gamers

It seems everything that comes out of Gearbox is an instant hit among gamers. Their latest project is Battleborn that will release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Recently, Battleborn beta was held to test the waters and see what improvements the game may require before its final release.

According to the latest stats, over two million gamers played Battleborn beta and provided feedback to developers. Gearbox and 2K hosted Battleborn beta on PS4 from April 8, Xbox One and PC from April 13 which ended on April 18.
During this time 1.1 million competitive multiplayer matches were played, players collected 27 billion shards and played 1.4 million story mode episodes.

Top healers were Miko, Ambra, and Rath while top damage dealers were Oscar Mike, Marquis, and Thorn. Rest of the stats can be seen in an infographic below.

Battleborn beta

Battleborn will release on May 3.

Gearbox is giving free SHiFT codes, some skins and more to beta players as a thank you. Codes will roll out on May 3 as well.

Once Battleborn is out and Gearbox is done with the game’s DLC, its complete focus will shift to the next Borderlands game. During PAX EAST, Gearbox formally confirmed the game to be in development and many of the development team members from previous games are coming back for Borderlands 3.

Scott Kester will provide art for Borderlands 3 while Mikey Neumann will narrate its story. Neumann revealed that he worked on a new character for Borderlands 3 which may or may not make it to the final game. The character is named Scooper who is the son of Scooter.

Borderlands 3 will most likely release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, ditching last-gen platforms for good.