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A Nintendo Truck Was Hijacked in England, AGAIN

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a Nintendo truck in England full of merchandise was hijacked back on April 14. While we have no idea of what was in the truck at this moment, we do know that thousands of pounds (British currency) worth of merchandise was stolen in the robbery.

This same situation, in the same country, happened last year in May, and resulted in the Nintendo truck in question being robbed of a huge amount of games and Amiibos for Nintendo’s team-based third-person shooter game Splatoon being stolen.

Whatever sinister Nintendo mafia is at work in England appears to have struck again, this time while the truck was stopped and its driver was sleeping, according to a Northamptonshire, England police report.

Between 9pm on 13 April and 7am on 14 April, the offender(s) cut the side curtain of the [truck], while the driver was asleep, and stole the games.

When the report says “Side curtain,” they mean the canvas around the actual storage space of the truck, which helps to keep the weather out and the games in. The thieves apparently cut the space open, crawled inside, and proceeded to rob the Nintendo truck of its contents. Where they would store all of them (there has to be too many in that truck to fit in a single car) is a mystery, and it’s not like the driver will know.

I know that several months ago I made a joke about there being an “Amiibo mafia” that would trade in stolen Amiibos, which have been shown time and again to be valuable collector’s items and rare things that a lot of people would pay a lot of money to get, but really, guys? Really?

Hopefully this doesn’t mean that trucks carrying Nintendo products will now have to be getting escorts from the police, but in this day and age, when game accessories are a hot commodity worth committing a crime for, you can never be too careful.