Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Resolution is 720P 60 FPS on Xbox one

A report suggests that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Resolution in the closed beta is resolution of 720p with 60FPS.

The report comes from  NeoGAF forums by a user named XJumper. If it is true then Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is in line with other Frostbite engine based games like Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline and Star Wars Battlefront which ran on same resolution on Xbox one.

It is important to mention that these numbers are for the closed beta of the game and may change or improve upon final release.

As of now no reports regarding PlayStation 4 performance for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta have emerged, but PlayStation 4 also runs games on 900P and upscales it to 1080P in some cases so you never know.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst closed beta starts today and will continue till 26 of April. Participants of the closed beta will have access to some of the story missions, side missions and other optional content, also the Front runners for the closed beta will have early access to exclusive content and in-game rewards.

Mirror`s Edge Catalyst is also delayed to June in North America and Europe, originally game was set to release in May.

Mirror`s Edge Catalyst is a first person parkour game set to release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox one.