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First Details of Tekken 7 King of the Iron Fist Tournament Revealed

Back in 2015, Bandai-Namco unveiled its first ever King of the Iron Fist Tournament, a real-life version of the martial arts tournament in its Tekken games. Now, here in 2016, a second tournament is going to be held prior to the release of Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, which is slated to be coming out sometime this year, and Bandai-Namco has revealed the first few details.

While it won’t be held by any group resembling the Tekken universe’s Mishima Zaibatsu, the King of the Iron Fist Tournament will be held during the Wizard World Con tour, a comic convention that travels all over the United States. Each stop will hold a separate tournament, and the winners of each different tournament will face off in a North American finals match to determine who wins what in a prize pool worth $30,000.

While the tournament will also start out using Tekken 7 as the game of choice, sometime down the line it will make the switch to Tekken 7: Fated Retribution. Prior to the tournament, Tekken 7 has only been released in multiple incomplete states in arcades, but Fated Retribution is going to be an upgraded version that will release sometime this year.

We don’t, however, have any idea of when the tournament will actually begin, and with Wizard World Con already on the road there’s also no guaranteed stopping point for the King of the Iron Fist Tournament until that is also announced, so just to be safe any of you fighting game fans out there that want a shot should find your closest Tekken game and start practicing.

Further details will be coming soon about the tournament, but until then, is there anyone that’s ambitious enough to want to try taking on hundreds of other Tekken players for a chance to win thousands of dollars? Anyone here, perhaps?