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Report: Xbox One Sales Stand at 18 Million Units Worldwide (update)

Update: A Gfinity Spokesperson has shared  a statement with Segmentnext clarifying that the statement made was based on external independent sources:

Gfinity would like to clarify that it has not sought to confirm Microsoft sales figures. The comments in the statement today is based on a variety of independent sources published earlier this year.

Original Story: Microsoft has always evaded the question about total Xbox One sales. Now a new report is circulating the internet that Xbox One sold 18 million units worldwide which is quite low as compared to PlayStation 4 sales which were almost 36 million units by January 2016.

The report comes from CEO of eSports company Gfinity. While discussing the launch of company’s new tournament build app on Xbox One, CEO Neville Upton said that this app would allow Gfinity to connect with 18 million Xbox One users worldwide.

Last time Microsoft officially revealed Xbox One’s sales figure was back in November 2014 which were 10 million.

Earlier this year CFO of EA Blake Jorgensen made some similar prediction, he estimated that PS4 and Xbox One combined shipped 55 million units. If we take out 36 million PS4 units then it’s almost 19 million units  Xbox One units sold which is way too low compared to PS4.

Another similar report came from GDC 2016 by Wargaming’s creative director that PS4 will ship 69 million units and Xbox One will ship 39 million units by the end of 2019.

In his report he claimed that Xbox One sold almost 19 million units worldwide as well.

The reason behind these low sales figure could be that  Microsoft’s exclusive game line up is not as impressive as PlayStation 4’s and recently Microsoft is releasing its exclusive games for Windows, like Quantum break and Gears of War Ultimate Edition.

Xbox One was heavily criticized by fans when it was revealed back in 2013. According to fans Xbox One felt more like an entertainment box rather than a gaming console.

Currently Microsoft is rumored to be working on a new Xbox and for this purpose Microsoft is testing different ideas for the console. It is also rumored that next Xbox will be slimmer than Xbox One.