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Ubisoft Announces “Champions of Anteria” for PC

If you’re one of those kinds of people that think adventure games such as Diablo and Torchlight are getting stale, Ubisoft has something that you might be interested in. Just today the company announced a new PC game, “Champions of Anteria”, which will be coming out for the PC on August 30 this year.

Champions of Anteria is a game developed by Blue Byte, a Ubisoft studio that’s been around since 1998 and is a veteran PC developer studio. They’re responsible for two “god games” that have attracted a good following, mainly the “Settlers” series and the “Anno” series.

Champions of Anteria (which apparently takes place in the “Settlers” universe) is a fantasy RPG game where you can take control of three heroes (Vargas the warrior, Anslem the monk, and Lusalla the rogue), controlling them in battles against a number of different kinds of enemies including goblins, Vikings, and cyclopes. In battle you can even pause the game and set up tactics for the group.

Ubisoft actually used a pretty witty trailer for the announcement as well, as it takes the tone of a commercial for a vacation spot, listing such things as “hikes through the swamp”, “bracing winter sports,” “wild and untamed nature,” and, of course, “psychedelic monster crabs.”

The trailer also lists off all the things that can make a game like this great: explosive magic, big battles, and a wide variety of enemies.

It actually looks a good bit like World of Warcraft, if only for the way-out-of-proportion armor and weapons and the art style itself, but for the most part the game seems to be fairly solid, though we’ll have to wait until Ubisoft gives out more information about the game before any real assumptions are made.

Again, Champions of Anteria is slated to come out August 30 of this year, so you don’t have long to wait if the trailer makes you want to play it.