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Report: Nintendo NX Has Better Software Output

A report suggests that Nintendo NX has better software output than Wii U software and will make a larger library of games than Wii U made in three to four years. According to the report, this is not just some speculation or blind optimism.

The report comes from Arcadegirl64 which claims that they have sources close to Nintendo and those sources claim that the main goal for Nintendo NX is to increase the game library from first party development Studios. In simple words Nintendo NX has better software output than Wii U had in its entire lifespan.

The report suggest that in order to obtain this goal Nintendo has made some significant changes to the process of how games are being developed. Nintendo has come up with a new strategy to develop and release first party games and also multiple unannounced games for Wii U were shifted to be released on NX.

Report also suggests that Nintendo might see the biggest first party developed games output in the history of company.

There are a few things that need attention that what is Nintendo’s new strategy for developing and publishing games. Does it means that games will not be delayed because a lot of Wii U titles were delayed multiple times?

Well there is no strategy in the world that can ensure that a game will never be delayed because there are a lot of variables involved in game development.

It is also unclear that how many games will be revealed at E3 this year as Nintendo has a history of sometimes revealing its best games in separate events.