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PS4K Development Isn’t Different from Creating Graphics Settings for PC

There is so much talk about PS4K at moment that it seems like it is actually happening, even though Sony is yet to confirm it. However, many credible sources have assured us that Sony is doing another console and it is PS4K. The community is divided over whether or not Sony should release a console with improved CPU, GPU than  the base model and same is the case with the development community.

Just recently, Kinda Funny Games host and ex IGN editor said that devs aren’t happy with PS4K.

PS4K development will be a pain for them as it would require extra development cost, more planning and development time.

But we now have comments from a different developer who thinks development for PS4K would be no different than creating different graphics settings for PC.

For those who don’t know, you can have graphical settings on console via in-game menu similar to the PC version or through the debug menu. A NeoGaf user explained and shared comments from an anonymous developer that actually makes sense and it would be interesting to see how other devs respond:

Developer effort will come more in the sense that they have to keep the different performance budgets in mind. Meaning, if you need to keep, let’s say, your polygon budget under 30M for the PS4/Xbone version you make a graphics setting around that, then PS4k would have an undefined number. You would then add props, details, change LoD to use that extra PS4k power.

It’s no different from doing different graphics settings for PC.

They’ll probably make a baseline in the future, like PS4 = Low/Medium = 7850/760, PS4k = high/very high = (future) Polaris 10/480, and that’s the way they’ll manage the difference in power.

It’s not very different from what happens now with multiplatform games. Extra platforms always mean extra hours in compliance, QA and builds though. But games won’t be (or shouldn’t be) any worse for it.

Source: the brain of an actual person working at an actual big studio 🙂

In simple words, devs will use PS4 as the baseline for the minimum settings and PS4K as the highest depending on its hardware capabilities. It is somewhat similar to what they do with PC where we have minimum graphics settings.

I am personally fine with having two machines as long as the base model games DO NOT suffer.